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The Barrymore Family

The Barrymore family has often been referred to as the Royal Family of acting. And rightly so perhaps. It seems every member of the family followed into the family trade, whether it was theater, television or movies.

Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Drew had three children, all of whom pursued an acting career. Ethel Barrymore was Drew Barrymore’s great-aunt. She was a famous stage actress in both Britain and the United States for 60 years and invented the “glamour girl”. Her great-uncle Lionel Barrymore was a character actor and director who appeared in over 200 films during the span of his career. Her grandfather John Barrymore was considered the “world’s greatest actor” during the 20’s and 30’s. He also relocated the Barrymore family to Hollywood in the mid-twenties. Her grandmother (John’s third wife) was Dolores Costello, a famous silent screen star.

Drew’s parents are actor John Barrymore, Jr. and actress Ildiko Jaid (also known as Jaid Barrymore). Her godfather is director Steven Spielberg. Her family tree is very impressive.

Following a long line of actors, it is safe to say that Drew Barrymore has carved out her own niche and solidified her status as a box office hit.


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The Barrymore Family


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