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Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenAt just 15 years-old, when most teenagers are fretting over crushes and “too much” school work, the Olsen twins were busy expanding their empire.

Olsen Fashion Sense
In January 2001, the twins released their clothing line in the United States and it was a success. Then, they set their sights north of the border to Canada where in February of 2002, they also successfully launched their line of Mary-Kate and Ashley clothes. The clothes are designed for girls between the ages of six and fourteen (referred to as “tweens”). They are also working on a line of clothing for boys. Their Spring 2002 collection featured sportswear, sleepwear, swimwear, footwear, bodywear, intimates, and accessories.

Wal-Mart Contract
During their Canadian press conference in Toronto back in January 2001, the Olsen twins admitted “we’ve loved filming so many of our movies in Canada and we're thrilled to spend more time in Canada working with Wal-Mart.”

The girls do get help from Wal-Mart’s Judy Swartz when it comes to designing the clothes. Swartz is quick to add, “There’s nothing that happens without the girls.” The tag line for their Wal-Mart fashion line is "Real fashion for real girls."

The “Mary-Kate and Ashley” label is more than just a line of clothing. It has become part of a billion-dollar empire,

Dual Star Entertainment, which includes feature films, television series, home video movies and specials, several book series, posters, calendars, music videogames, fashion dolls and accessories, and soon to come, board games, a magazine and their web site.


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