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New York MinuteMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have starred in countless straight to video movies. They made their big screen debut in 1995 in the movie It Takes Two. However, their newest big screen venture, New York Minute, which opened in May of 2004, has the twin girls as the main stars and thereby carrying the entire movie.

The Olsen twins play complete opposites in this movie. One twin plays Jane Ryan, a very organized overachiever who is about to give a speech at Columbia University. The speech is part of a competition to win a scholarship to Oxford University. Meanwhile, the other twin plays her sister Roxy, a rebellious character who plans to ditch school and sneak into a music video shoot for the band A Simple Plan. Roxy plans to slip a demo tape to the band’s A and R team.

Even though Jane and Roxy don’t have much in common, they decide to travel to New York together. But their plans don’t go as smoothly as they would like. A mix-up with Jane’s day planner lands them in the middle of a black market music piracy scheme. Jane and Roxy join forces to evade wannabe gangsters who chase them throughout Manhattan. The girls also find unexpected romance with the son of the Senator and a bike messenger.

Jane’s crucial speech is in her day planner and if she doesn’t get it back, she can say adios to her scholarship chances. If Roxy’s principal finds her, she might be kicked out of school for good. What are the girls going to do? Anything can change in a New York Minute.

Other cast members include: Eugene Levy, Andy Richter, and Andrea Martin.


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